Swedish glider pilot Pekka Havbrandtstarted to fly gliders in 1964 and made his first loop in 1965. In 1968 he began competing in aerobatics flying a Bellanca Decathlon in Sportsman and Intermediate, which he became a champion in 1987. He secured the same title once again in 2017, flying a Laser. He has also done many breathtaking airshows in an H101 Salto.

Pekka has participated in several Aerobatic World Championships in the Advanced category. He has been the Swedish and Nordic Glider Aerobatic champion and No. 10 internationally and received the Team Silver medal in WAGAC 2010.

As a Glider Aerobatic Instructor, he has trained more than 50 Aerobatic students and a few Glider Aerobatic Instructors in the ASK 21. He has also received the Biancotto Diploma, the FAI Gold medal, and the Swedish Air Sports Federations gold medal for his work with the Swedish team.

In addition, he has, as a coach, helped two Swedish pilots to become Advanced World champions, Sebastian Jansson and Gustaf Salminen, flying a WAGAC 2016 and WAGAC 2017.

Pekka is still active as an Aerobatic Instructor, Coach and Aviation Consultant.